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  • 1.  U.S. members – A major victory for charities in Congress

    Posted 07-18-2014 02:57 PM
    On July 17, the House approved legislation (H.R. 4719) that would significantly increase charitable giving in the United States. The legislation makes permanent three temporary (and currently expired) provisions in the tax code that encourage charitable giving by both individuals and businesses: the IRA charitable rollover, an enhanced tax deduction for donating land conservation easements and an enhanced tax deduction for donating food inventory. The legislation also extends through April 15 the deadline for claiming charitable donations on the previous year's tax filing and streamlines the excise tax on foundation investment income.

    Thank you to all AHP members who helped make this happen by contacting your members of Congress and asking them to vote in favor of H.R. 4719.
    Susan Simolunas
    Communication Coor
    Association for Healthcare Philanthropy
    Falls Church VA
    (703) 532-6243

  • 2.  RE: U.S. members – A major victory for charities in Congress

    Posted 02-13-2024 12:57 PM
    Edited by Nikita Martin 02-29-2024 01:54 AM

    Fantastic news for charitable causes! The recent legislative win in Congress is a testament to the power of advocacy. This victory not only strengthens support for U.S. nonprofits but also underscores the importance of collaboration in fostering positive change. Kudos to everyone involved in championing this cause for the greater good.

    Nikita Martin