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Gift in Kind Receipts

receipts for in-kind gifts or if there is a...organizations in this area. Thanks, Jody at Pen Bay...Healthcare Foundation in Maine. CONFIDENTIALITY...message in error, please notify the sender by

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Gift in Kind Receipts

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RE: Gift in Kind Receipts

Your best resource is IRS Publication 561: "Determining the Value of Donated Property." It's available online, but I've also attached a scan here for you. Remember, the DONOR must value the fair market value unless the amount (more than $5,000) requires an independent appraisal. We send receipt...

IRS Publication 561 Determining the Value of Donated Property.pdf

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in Donations in FY 2010, With Individual

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Expense of Raising Donations on the Rise

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U.S. members – A major victory for charities in Congress

increase charitable giving in the United States...temporary (and currently expired) provisions in...deadline for claiming charitable donations in favor of H.R. 4719