• 1.  Amazon Smile :)

    Posted 06-05-2018 02:24 PM

    ​Hello Everyone!

    My first time posting on here--so I hope I am doing this correctly! :)

    We recently had someone present the idea of signing up for Amazon Smile so that a percentage of their purchases would be sent to our foundation. We are looking into this and wanted to touch base with people who are doing this or have had experience doing this as a receiver of the funds!

    We are wondering..

    How did it or is it going?
    What are the pros/cons?
    How was the back end work?
    How did you promote this to let folks know they can have a % of their amazon eligible purchases come to our foundation?

    Any other information you have would be great to know as well!

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Feel free to also call or email me about this :)

    Brittanie Aune
    Regions Hospital
    Saint Paul MN
    (651) 254-3395