How a Rural Hospital Used a Multi-Channel Campaign

When:  Sep 23, 2020
This case study from a mid-sized Hospital Foundation will explain the process they used to create a multi-channel campaign to expand upon and reach beyond their major gifts program, while growing their donor pipeline through annual giving. An 18-month “quiet” phase of one-on-one donor meetings led to an 18-month public phase that included hosting an opening public event, ramping up a social media presence; building a campaign website; shooting and sharing testimonial videos; creating newspaper inserts; mailing appeal letters and newsletters; developing an ad campaign including radio, TV, billboards; and more. This session will highlight strategies used to create community awareness and leverage the existing donor base. Presenters will share examples of how these new strategies generated unique, first-time, or transformational gifts to propel the campaign past its stretch goal. Participants will be encouraged to consider their budget, audience/donor pool, and goals