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2017 Madison Institute- Major Gift Initiatives and the Campaign (Track 4)

capital campaign, but may necessitate a...include a mini campaign or special (major...fundraising campaign- from the inception of the

Track Materials

the Campaign Track. All of your course


campaign and contest titled #ThisIsWhy on

2017 Madison Institute- Annual Giving (Track 2)

major, planned and campaign gifts. Walk away

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Why AHP Supports a Universal Charitable Deduction

Independent Sector's Giving 100 campaign. This is

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AHP Recognizes Top Performing Health Care Fundraising Organizations in FY 2016

organizations. They engage in capital campaigns more

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AHP Policy Update: Preserve the Johnson Amendment

intervening in, any political campaign on behalf...-organizations/the-restriction-of-political-campaign

Volunteer Opportunity
2017-2018 AHP Journal

activities and campaigns also are welcome

 09-19-2017  |  Full Day

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AHP continues to promote charitable deduction

million jobs. Employees of nonprofit