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Why AHP Supports a Universal Charitable Deduction

efforts to advocate for the charitable giving...we also support the growing movement to...push for its expansion to a universal...a very big deal for 100 million...taxpayers—and for the 1.5 million U.S

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AHP thanks Rep. Paul Ryan for comments supporting U.S. charitable deduction

Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), thanking him for his...comments supporting the value of the charitable...deduction. Ryan has voiced support in recent...interviews for avoiding a cap on the charitable


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Bush/HHS Privacy Proposal Will Curtail the Flow of Philanthropic Support in America

Medical Center Tell the Association for...Support in AmericaApril 15, 2002


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Characteristics for Sustaining High Performance (AHP PBS Report II.pdf)

This report examines 12 organizations that consistently were in the 75th percentile within the last six years.These organizations achieved high performance even in the recession years with an emphasis on the team, best practices and a laser-like focus on major gifts.

2017 Madison Institute- Advanced Skills for Major Gifts (Track 5)

challenges for group case work discussions and