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1.  Sponsorship for Events

Posted 8 days ago
Hello everyone! We are starting to gear up for our annual golf outing and I am curious what others do when it come to companies who sponsor events but indicate they will not be in attendance. Do you give them a full deduction or indicate their is a quid pro quo on their substantiation statement?
Thanks in advance,

Kelly Barry
Dev Assoc
Morris Hospital Fdn
Morris IL
(815) 705-7024

2.  RE: Sponsorship for Events

Posted 5 days ago
When we have sponsors who will not be in attendance we thank them for their donation or if they request we donate their team to doctors or nurses for the department we are fundraising.

Angie Fabian
Chief Marketing/Dev Ofr
Summit Healthcare Regional Med Ctr
Show Low AZ
(928) 537-6829

3.  RE: Sponsorship for Events

Posted 4 days ago
​In such cases, we give the sponsor the full tax deduction.  If they want us to fill their team for them, we give them the deduction minus our player costs.

Brenda Cannon
Dev Ofr
Catholic Med Ctr
Manchester NH
(603) 314-4758

4.  RE: Sponsorship for Events

Posted 4 days ago
​We ask them how they would like to handle it.  They can either choose to donate the spots and we will fill them with staff; they can choose the staff (if they work closely with any particular department) or they can choose to have it be a 100% tax deductible donation in which case we do not fill the spots. We have had sponsors do it all of these ways and found that communication is the key to making sure they feel they are getting the value for their sponsorship dollars and their needs are being met.

Karen M. Ferguson, CFRE
Foundation Director
Oswego Health Foundation

5.  RE: Sponsorship for Events

Posted 4 days ago
​Hi Kelly, you might also consider creating a sponsorship level or levels which make sense for your tournament which don't include participation to provide options for sponsors who would like to support but not attend.  All the best Anne

Anne Ondercin
Dir Mjr Gifts
PRHC Foundation
Peterborough ON
(705) 743-2121

6.  RE: Sponsorship for Events

Posted 3 days ago
In order for them to claim it as 100% deductible they have to decline the benefits in writing. They can't just decide not to use it. It's quid pro quo because they have the right to the goods and services, and they can only claim anything above the fair market value of those goods and services (not actual cost).

Most companies probably use marketing dollars, not truly philanthropic dollars, so it's probably not a huge deal on their end. But your substantiation and disclose requirements have to include the FMV of goods and services, unless they proactively decline them.

Great idea for them to donate their team for others to use (we do this), and we also have non-playing sponsorships.

Anne Monell CFRE
Major Gift Ofr
Norton Healthcare Fdns
Louisville KY
(502) 629-5301

7.  RE: Sponsorship for Events

Posted 2 days ago
​We include an option on all of our sponsorship forms that reads: I am declining benefits. This way we have it in writing, and our gift processors have the information right in front of them when they send out the acknowledgement letters.

Agnes Palmer
Development Officer
Treasure Coast Hospice Foundation
Stuart FL
(772) 403-4574